Career and Qualifications

John Fitzgerald entered the Driver Training Industry about 17 years ago and since then has worked tirelessly to improve Road Safety through better driver education. He is a true professional in all that he does and this combined with his entrepreneurial skills built up and runs an extremely successful driver training school / business incorporating motorcycle, cars, rigid and LGV vehicles in Killarney and surrounding areas. Apart from holding a clean full all groups licence, John has amassed an impressive number of European industry recognised driving and instructional qualifications.

His advanced driving qualifications include: The Institute of Advanced Motorists (GB) (IAM) motorcycle, car and LGV tests. He also holds the highest grade (Gold) in advanced driving in motorcycle, car and LGV from the Royal Society for the Prevention for Accidents. (GB) (RoSPA) Cardington Special Test (A) Highest Grade.

John travelled to England and at considerable expense and undertook a demanding three part examination to qualify first time as a GB Approved Driving Instructor. (ADI) Consequently he is recognised as one of the crème de la crème of elite driving tutors in Ireland.

Not a person to rest on his laurels, John recently travelled to the DSA’s training HQ in Cardington, Bedfordshire where he undertook the DSA Special Cardington Driving Test. This highly demanding test lasting about 90 minutes assessed John’s driving in town, rural and motorway driving. A variety of manoeuvring exercises were tested where a high level of skill had to be displayed e.g. turn in the road, right / left reverse, reverse parking, moving off at an angle, hill start and the emergency stop. The Cardington Special Test is reputed to be one of the most stringent and demanding driving tests available anywhere and one has to be the almost ‘perfect driver’ to succeed. An indication of the test’s high standards is that only 3 driver (minor) faults are allowed to achieve the highest grade (A).

For his outstanding commitment and service to the profession, John was elected a member of the prestigious Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (GB) of which there are only about five other members in Ireland. He is a highly dedicated and conscientious driving teacher and his tenacious efforts and determination to improve Road Safety and the Driver Training Profession is to be applauded and admired. This is evidenced by the many meetings he attended.

Finally, if we had more stalwarts of John’s calibre who gave of their time so freely to better the cause of the ordinary driving instructor, industry regulation would be ameliorated, a far better working / professional environment would exist within the Driver Training Industry and a significant reduction in the annual number of road deaths and serious injuries would ensue.

Tom Harrington M Inst. MTD M CILT - May 2008 - (RoSPA Advanced Driving Examiner)

Career Details of Driving / Riding / Theory / Instructional Tests undertaken by John Fitzgerald over 30 years to date.

Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1978 L Driving Test (UK)
  2. 1978 L Driving Test (UK) R
  3. 1979 L Driving Test (Irl)
  4. 1984 L Driving Test (Usa)
  5. 1993 Motor Schools Assc of Irl. Test. Theory
  6. 1993 Motor Schools Assc of Irl. Test. Drive
  7. 1993 Motor Schools Assc of Irl. Test. Instruction
  8. 1996 Cat C Truck Test
  9. 1996 Cat D Bus Test
  10. 1997 Cat EC Artic Test
  11. 1997 Cat EC Artic Test, R
  12. 1997 Cat A Motorcycle Test
  13. 2000 RoSPA Advanced Test (Silver) Car, UK
  14. 2001 RoSPA Advanced Test (Gold) Car UK
  15. 2001 IAM Advanced Test Car (UK)
  16. 2001 IAM Ignition Test, Car
  17. 2002 DSA, ADI Test. Theory UK
  18. 2002 DSA, ADI Test. Driving UK
  19. 2003 IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test
  20. 2003 RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test (Bronze)
  21. 2004 DSA, ADI Test. Instruction
  22. 2004 IAM, Commercial Test
  23. 2004 RoSPA Recheck Test Car, (Gold Maintained)
  24. 2004 RoSPA HGV Test (Gold)
  25. 2005 RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test (Silver)
  26. 2005 L Driving Test. Texas (Usa)
  27. 2006 IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test, R
  28. 2006 RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test (Silver)
  29. 2006 RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test (Gold)
  30. 2006 RoSPA Diploma. Test (Drive)
  31. 2006 RoSPA Diploma. Test (Instruction)
  32. 2006 RoSPA Diploma. Test (Presentation)
  33. 2006 DSA, ADI Test. Hazard P A. UK.
  34. 2008 DSA, Cardington Special Test (Grade A) UK

Cat = Category, R = Repeat, IAM = Institute of Advanced Motorists. Tel 0044 – 020 89969646
RoSPA = Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.Tel 0044 – 0121 2482000
DSA – ADI = Driving Standards Agency – Approved Driving Instructor
IAM Membership No 304949. RoSPA Membership No 19764
DSA – ADI Membership No 265920. Tel 0044 – 0115 9012601

I invite any concerned party and give consent to examine the above CV by contacting any or all of the relevant Agencies. Signed By,
John Fitzgerald

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