The Motorcycle DVD

Wether you are an experienced or inexperienced rider, this is the DVD for you. Produced in three parts: Part one is for the beginner rider, about the safety aspects of the machine, the proper gear to wear and basic manoeuvres are demonstrated.

Part two covers the current riding test and includes technical checks, lifesaver checks, left and right turns, obstacle avoidance, U-turn, slow ride, emergency brake exercise and much more.

Part three emphasises how most riders are vunerable in the different types of weather conditions and also includes night riding, overtaking, carrying a pillion, hazard recognition, motorway riding etc.

It is the first such DVD made in Ireland and is produced by John Fitzgerald from Pro-Drive Training, and is infact the Killarney instructors third DVD on road safety. It is now available at Eason's Nationwide and Music Express, O'Connors and Plan-it-PC in Killarney.

Motor Cycling Skills

This DVD is produced & Distributed by Pro-Drive Training

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